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Craftsman 3 pc. Adjustable Wrench Set Craftsman 2 pc. Adjustable Wrench Set Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-Inch Adjustable Wrench Craftsman 10" Adjustable Wrench Craftsman 12" Adjustable Wrench Craftsman 6" Adjustable Wrench Craftsman 8" Adjustable Wrench Craftsman Mach Series 8-Inch Adjustable Wrench Craftsman 8-in. Max Axess Locking Wrench Craftsman 6-in. Max Axess Locking Wrench Craftsman 5/8 x 3/4 in. Wrench, Ratcheting Box Craftsman 17 x 19mm Wrench 12 pt. Box End Craftsman 5 pc. Wrench Set, Offset Ratchet SAE Craftsman 12 pc. Wrench Set,12 pt. Offset Ratcheting Box-End Metric and... Craftsman 16 x 18mm Wrench 12 pt. Box End Craftsman 13 x 15mm Wrench, 12 pt. Box End Craftsman 12 x 14mm Wrench, 12 pt. Box End Craftsman 12 pc. Wrench Set, 12 pt. Flat Ratcheting Box-End Metric and... Craftsman 5 Piece Metric Offset Ratchet Wrench Set with Tote Caddy Craftsman 3/4 x 7/8 in. Wrench 12 pt. Box End Craftsman 20- piece Ratcheting Wrench Set - Inch Metric Craftsman 8 pc. Metric 12 pt. Combination Wrench Set Craftsman 18 pc. Combination Inch Wrench Set Craftsman 14-Piece Inch and Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set Craftsman 32-piece Inch and Metric Combination Wrench Set Craftsman 28 pc. Standard and Metric 6 pt. Combination Wrench Set Craftsman 24-piece Full Polish Metric Combination Wrench Set Craftsman 48-piece Full Polish Ultimate Wrench Set Inch/Metric Craftsman 24-piece Full Polish Inch Combination Wrench Set Craftsman 8-Piece 12-Point Inch Combination Wrench Set

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Voices is a blog by Bruderhof members, covering topics important to us and to you.

What is the Bruderhof? We're an intentional Christian community with locations worldwide. We try to love our neighbor and share everything, so that peace and justice become a reality.

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April 2, 2018 by nike air force low buy online

Most people don’t plan their beach weekends around the full moon, and I count myself among most people on this one. So I...

March 25, 2018 by J. Heinrich Arnold

Easter is the most holy Christian celebration. Jesus, God’s son, lived among us as the prophet Isaiah foretold it: “For a...

March 21, 2018 by Bruderhof Web Team

To welcome the early Eastertide this year, we share a selection from “A Garden for Jesus,” a cantata for children written in...

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March 20, 2018 by Red Zimmerman

April 5, 2018 by Simon Mercer


April 4, 2018 by Bill Wiser

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S.E. - Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog post. I’m glad I piqued your interest in this book, and I’m sure you’ll get something out of it. You’re clearly a deep thinker, well-read and vastly experienced. I too have doubts about institutions, and as a follower of Christ it is almost enough for a lifetime of work to follow his basic commands to love my neighbor as myself and to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and being. And then to live the Beatitudes in a truly humble, meek, peaceful, and righteous manner. Jesus surely was subversive: he literally overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple, and rode - as a conquering king no less – on a donkey, the lowest beast of burden. I wish you the best in continuing to find truth wherever you can. -Red

I was raised in the Catholic Church (daily mass until age 11 with grandmother, then walked next door to catholic school, which I attended until 13, then worked to pay my own way through a Jesuit High School, graduating at 17 and was in military straight after, in basic training within 18 hours). In service I attended Jewish services and prayer groups, Eastern Orthodox, worked with, trained Muslims and learned of their faith, and more....exotic...studies to put it euphemistically. Admittedly, I am not a practicing Christian. Having studied how the Council of Nicea censored vast amounts of books from the Canonical works, disregarded Book of Enoch, Gnostic Gospels, etc, so that the Canonical Bible, from which almost all Christian Sects draw their practices, I have some serious doubts that the full messages of Christ, or his origins, teachings, have reached us. It does not mean, however, that the Spirit of Christ is bereft from this world. I do have doubt as to the Institutions. In the military I was drawn into occult practices, and in initiating into Freemasonry, I saw much congruence of symbolism in the occult and the Catholic Church, ancient Mystery Schools and Freemasonry. I am not here to decry any of it, but simply to point out that the INstitutions we often put our faith in operate on numerous levels that the average laity, and even most of the ground floor priesthood is utterly ignorant of. and the teachings of these institutions often serve themselves and are apologies to power, even when the average cleric is operating as a person of good faith and decency without any further agenda. there are also, I have found, many in the service of Church, any all sects, who do not act in good faith or from any faith, and whose acts are very, very corrupt. These people often rise in stature despite, or because of, this. When I think of Christ, I do pay attention to some of his teachings (as with the Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc) as an enlightened master, whether or not he was actually divine, or divinely inspired, a literal son of God, or ascended in spirit to guide us to God as we are all sons of God. Either way, some of his teachings are plainly meant to NOT tell us to roll over and take it, and to act subversively, so as such, this book goes on my "to buy list" for the moral encouragement, and I thank your blog for bringing it to my attention. In regards to a message of Jesus that is indicative of his subversiveness, I include the following: "Do not think that I come to bring peace on earth, I have not come to bring peace, but the sword." Some gospels say "division" instead of sword, which is another way of saying "revolution". Jesus admonished his followers to buy a sword, and if they needed to, to sell their cloak to buy one. He did not intend them to "bend over and take it." He expected them, justly, if need be, to fight. He also did not go to the cross meekly (or as we said in service, "like a bitch" ) but willingly, as an exemplar. In the parlance of the praise of old soldiers "he could not be defeated, only killed."

Both the SPIKE 350 and OOZY 350 wheels share the aforementioned above updates, but SPANK has also added their Vibrocore technology to the SPIKE 350 wheel intended for freeride and DH. Vibrocore is a biodegradable foam core that when put in SPANK’s bars reduces vibrations or “noise.” When added to wheels, the same foam core increases torsional strength and increases the durability of the rim while also handling said vibrations. Think of it as removing hum or resonance while accentuating strength. It also adds 40 grams to the wheel, which is the downside and why, for right now at least, it is only found in the gravity oriented model. The SPIKE 350 will be the first wheel to receive the Vibrocore technology, so the jury is still out on how it will perform for the masses, but if the feedback from SPANK’s Vibrocore bars is any indication of how the technology will perform in wheels, the SPIKE 350 rims could be a hit.

The Vibrocore will strengthen the rim and dampen vibrations. The SPIKE 350 will sell for $129 as a rim-only option or $700 as a wheelset.

See what Rob Heran and Gavin Vos think of the wheel after riding it.

SPANK also announced the OOZY 220 and SPIKE 160 saddles. Both saddles have be designed to optimize padding and comfort for sit bones on the ups and downs, along with adaptive edges in high friction areas, contouring to rider’s personal shape and movement. Over the top SPANK included its “Human Factor” grip pattern on both saddles, gripping where needed and avoiding friction where it counts. Both saddles share the same updates, with the SPIKE 160 being a slimmer, lighter seat for racing or freeride applications.

Available early 2018, the OOZY 220 (above) and the SPIKE 160 will retail for $75.

To round out the new offerings SPANK has released the SPIKE 30 grips. A single-lock grip designed to reduce slide while also dampening vibrations.

The Spike 30 grips will sell for $26. Look out for the thicker OOZY 33 grips later in the year.

Head over to SPANK’s floral nike roshe runs womens
to see their full line of products.

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Want to wish you were somewhere else right now? Watch this.

A stainless steel problem solver

And why Santa Cruz chooses to operate the way they do

Just right, and also left.

A Queestown local finds sudden enlightenment

Truly flat flat pedals

An all-new frame with extra travel

Planning Your Legacy

The legal term probate is generally defined as "the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person” — and usually not something you want your loved ones to go through after you’re gone. Here are some steps to take to help streamline (or possibly even avoid) a lengthy and often costly probate process .

The goal of probate is to determine who should get the property, assets or inheritance a deceased person has left behind, and usually involves:

One question a lot of people ask is, “What’s the maximum size an estate can be to avoid probate?” While the laws on how much the estate can be worth vary by state, if your estate is relatively small you may not have to worry about going through probate.

That’s because most states have streamlined probate for smaller or uncomplicated estates — with or without a will . In these cases, settling the estate can be a quick and relatively painless experience. There are two basic kinds of probate shortcuts for small estates:

If the total value of all the assets (except real estate) left behind is less than a certain amount, the estate's inheritors may be able to skip probate entirely. The exact amount depends on state law, which varies considerably.

If the estate qualifies, an inheritor can prepare a short document stating that he or she is entitled to a certain item of property under a will or state law. This paper, signed under oath, is called an affidavit. When the person or institution holding the property (such as a bank where the deceased had an account) receives the affidavit and a copy of the death certificate, it releases the money or other property.

Another option for small estates is a quicker, simpler version of probate. The probate court is still involved, but it exerts far less control over the eastbay nike free mens
. In many states, these procedures are straightforward enough to handle without a lawyer, so they save money as well as time.

Keep in mind that each state defines the term “small estate” differently. Because of the way the laws are written, however, many large estates, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are eligible for special transfer procedures that speed property to inheritors.


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